This is a list of all the Grizedale sculptures that I know of, arranged alphabetically by sculpture name or artist.

A map for the various sculptures we’ve seen in the forest can be found here – and will be updated as time goes on.

For sculptures no longer current/ not seen, look here (locations not necessarily accurate):

God of Thunder

Shigeo Toya 1995   “Pain accompanies anger. The Thunder-god in pain makes a wry face. Pain is transmitted to the tree in a fusion with the thunder-god. The allegorical tree is full of death and yet beautiful. The tree that is handed down in stories. A... read more


Sally Matthews 1990 Artist’s website: On a crag with a view, towards the southern end of the forest, these wolves once leaped. Now, the barest skeleton of a head remains to give an indication of what was once there and how it was... read more

Private meeting

Robert Koenig 1983 Artist’s website: Three figures carved from oak situated in a clearing to the south of the forest. Now down to two figures. Other works by Koenig in the forest include Compound for Redundant Symbols (1981),... read more

Quarry structure

Richard Harris 1978 – remade 2009 Carefully and accurately remade by Harris in 2009 as the original had naturally decayed over time. “The hidden, overgrown quarry has been opened up and given a new lease of life” Other works by Richard Harris at... read more

Dry Stone Passage

Richard Harris 1978 Situated on the Silurian Way, Dry Stone Passage is the reworking of the skeleton of old dry stone walling to form a new structure and “give an overall sense of direction and enclosure in such a vast, unpredictable space” Other works by... read more

Cliff Structure

Richard Harris 1978 Oak and slate structure, with the oak hand cut from windblown trees and the slate taken from drystone walls left over from the old field system. “Situated on an uneven rock face, Cliff Structure represents dualities between the natural and... read more


Richard Caink 1994 “My work explores our relationship with the natural world. The result, whether abstract or representational, celebrates the creative possibilities of the wood, which as a material is so fundamental to civilisation. By extension or metaphor,... read more


Reece Ingram 1998 Artist’s website:   “I made ‘Sethera’ in response to the environment around me at Grizedale. The undulating hills are populated by sheep. Yan, tan, tethera, methera, pump, sethera is the... read more

Living Space

Gligor Stefanov/Petre Nikoloski 1990 “I built a wall…. Enclosed a space; wall-home-house,warmth-womb-mother-woman, and all energy that exist inside that form”# Living Space. Photo Sep 2013Living Space. Photo Sep 2013Living space. Photo May... read more

Silurian Cant

Pat Leighton 1986 Artist’s website: “I have explored a continued interest in Neolithic ceremonial sites, intrigued by the potent atmosphere they exude, their monumentality and mystery. I intended with ‘Silurian Cant’... read more