Charles Bray 1994


Charles Bray is a Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Hon. Fellow of the University of Sunderland. Responsible for initiating the Glass and Ceramics course at Sunderland University, he was also a former treasurer and secretary of British Artists in Glass.

“My work is mostly in glass or in glass combined with other materials, particularly stone…..   Those in Grizedale Forest are over 3 metres tall.

Bray is the author of  “A Dictionary of Glass” published by A & C Black and by the University of Pennsylvania.

His other works in Grizedale are Light Columns 2 and 3 (1995). Being mixed media works combining glass with stone and other materials by an artist who has been so influential in the glass world, I find them particularly interesting.

Light Column 1. Photo June 2014
Light Column 1. Photo June 2014
Light Column 1. Photo Oct 2013