This is a list of all the Grizedale sculptures that I know of, arranged alphabetically by sculpture name or artist.

A map for the various sculptures we’ve seen in the forest can be found here – and will be updated as time goes on.

For sculptures no longer current/ not seen, look here (locations not necessarily accurate):


Owen Bullet, Rupert Acroyd 2012 A collaborative work inspired by the story of Romeo, an urban fox who explored London’s Shard tower. The carved oak totem-like sculpture has a commanding position on a bend in the track. Romeo. Photo July 2014Romeo. Photo Sep... read more

Midnight Feast

Mike Winstone 1984 “The hedgehog is feasting in an ironic collision of meeting with ant like cars marching across a log. They both travelled different paths, only to collide at this junction in time” Made from local wood and stone, this hedgehog feasting... read more

Concrete Country

Lucy Tomlins – sited at Grizedale 2012 Artist’s website: Winner of the 13th Annual Battersea Park sculpture prize, this 2.5m tall cast white concrete representation of a country stile weighs 1.5 tonnes. “The stile, an iconic... read more

17 Degrees South

Linda Watson 1997 A circular structure close to the top of Carron Crag, with magnificent views. 17 Degrees South. Photo June 201417 Degrees South.17 degrees South. Photo Apr 201617 degrees South. Photo Apr 201617 Degrees South. Photo Oct... read more

Stone Forest

Kimio Tsuchiya 1994 Artist’s website: “The stone forms the ground. The ground supports the tree. The trees create fresh water. The water gives life. The man becomes one and coexists with the continuity and the balance of... read more

Some Fern

Kerry Morrison 1997 Artist’s website: Eighteen fronds carved from oak make up this giant fern structure. Morrison was interested in our perceptions of the value of plants through aesthetic values and usefulness, investigating land... read more

The Passage

Keith Rand 1993 Artist’s website: “The Passage¬†was triggered by the discovery of a fallen larch suspended across a gully. I removed all the branches… built a cabin for the root plate… an upright beam to secure the tensioned... read more

Last Rays of an English Rose

Keir Smith, 1986/7 A ‘railway sleeper’ sculpture, with three carved railway sleepers connected on both sides by railway track. This was installed in Grizedale in 2009 after Smith’s death two years earlier. Themes for the piece include circularity,... read more

Seven Stones before the Old Man

Keir Smith 1980 This work, which featured wood tree trunks and carved wooden boulders with cavities filled with iron filings (which referenced the industrial landscape at Grizedale), has now all but disappeared. It’s original site is still clear and is shown... read more

The Sound of Running Water

Kees Bierman 1986   “Stone is predominant in the landscape of the Lake District. In the sculpture I have broken the direct relationship between stone and Earth, by lifting up the dry – stone wall and putting it on a wooden construction.” Other... read more