The Guardians – Robert Koenig 1982.

Artist’s website:

‘The guardians sit, contemplating their space and guarding the area. Faceless, yet full of emotion and thought through their body language, they sit, seeming almost alive when seen through the trees’

Not obvious or marked from the path, it takes a certain amount of faith to seek this pair out. They represent Koenig’s personal response to the environment around him during his seven month residency at Grizedale Forest. Originally sheltered by an open roof and carved from timber found in the area, they were moved to become guardians of a nearby clifftop. Less guardians, more hidden figures.

Other works by Koenig in the forest include Compound for Redundant Symbols (1981), Triangular Suspension (1981), Private Meeting (1982) and Sign Post (1982).

Guardians. Photo May 2015
The Guardians. Photo Feb 2014
The Guardians. Photo Feb 2014