David Kemp 1995-
Artist’s website: www.davidkemp.uk.com

“David Kemp is concerned with siting sculptures that are evocative of local history and interests, but which also relate visually to their immediate surroundings”..

Ancient Forester 2 has different diameter limbs made trees found within the forest. “The Ancient Forester, a figure of great antiquity, lurks deep in the Gothic forests and wilderness between our ears. He represents an idealised image of man the hunter, the mystic, the guardian. He lives in responsible husbandry with nature.”

Other works by David Kemp at Grizedale include: Ancient Forester 1988, Deer Hunter 1982, Forest Fugue 1982, Heron 1982, Rook Crossing 1982,  Scale Green Birdman 1982, The Woodwinders 1984.

Ancient Forester 2. Photo May 2014
Ancient Forester 2. Photo May 2014