This is a list of all the Grizedale sculptures that I know of, arranged alphabetically by sculpture name or artist.

A map for the various sculptures we’ve seen in the forest can be found here – and will be updated as time goes on.

For sculptures no longer current/ not seen, look here (locations not necessarily accurate):

After the Flood

David Stewart 1996 Artist’s website: After the Flood. David Stewart 1996. Photo May 2015After the Flood. David Stewart 1996. Photo May 2015After the Flood. David Stewart 1996. Photo May 2015After the Flood. David Stewart 1996.... read more

Standing Stone

Karl Lewis 1991 ‘Standing Stone’ is a contemporary monument which reflects the region as it is and refers to its ancient / Celtic past; to henges, stone circles, burial, the passing of time and its effects. It is made from materials found in the forest and... read more

Ancient Forester

David Kemp 1988 – probably removed late 2013/early 2014 for clear felling in the area. Artist’s website: “David Kemp is concerned with siting sculptures that are evocative of local history and interests, but which also relate... read more

Proposal for sited work

Andrew Sabin 2013 Artist’s website: Sabin was commissioned in 2012 to create a new landmark sculpture in the northern area of the forest, to be accessible to both cyclists and walkers, as part of the Art Roots Grizedale programme. This test... read more


Johannes Bludau 1994 This work was based on a dying oak tree, the branches cut into slices and strung together. Other work by Johannes Bludau at Grizedale includes Inside Out (1994)   Declining. Photo September 2014Declining. Photo September 2014Declining. Photo... read more

White water

Hilary Cartmel 1985   Artist’s website: During the summer of 1985, Cartmel was artist in residence at Grizedale for 3 months and made two large oak women, part of her Wooden Women series (1983-1986). The other work, Her Insistent... read more

Merry go round

Boris Kishkilov 1991 “The source of the artistic idea of this piece is the traditional merry – go – round, which appears in the ancient Bulgarian folklore festival on Saint Lazarus’ Day, a celebration of the passing winter and the renaissance... read more

Signs of Adventure

Steve Messam 2009 Commissioned by Cumbria Tourism as part of the Capital of Adventure campaign, these signs were designed to highlight the variety of outdoor activities available in the Lakes as well as promoting the area as a place to visit. They were placed and... read more

Sheltered seat

Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley 1991 Artists’ website:     Sheltered seat. Photo July 2014Sheltered seat. Photo July 2014Sheltered seat. Photo July 2014Sheltered seat. Photo Apr 2016Sheltered seat. Photo Apr... read more

King’s Table/Pacus Seat

Will Glanfield 1992 Artist’s website:   A companion piece to We Free Kings, a seat which was made during the same period of residency in the autumn of 1992. Both pieces used freshly felled oak trees from Coniston Water and... read more